12 screenshots from a Twitter thread about how tv series taught us to romanticize toxic love | Thumbnail includes a picture from the scene of Sex in the city when Carrie is hitting Big with a bouque of flowers after he left her at the alter '@Theholisticpsyc Big (who's highly emotionally avoidant) impulsively leaves Carrie at the alter. He changes his mind a few minutes and tells his driver to go back. Carrie is heartbroken and get back together after he writes her a two sentence email.'

Hot Take on Relationships: How TV Series Taught Us To Romanticize Toxic Love (Twitter Thread by a Psychologist)

We don't know about you guys, but the older we get the more we realize that the romanticized version of relationships we were fed as kids is nothing but a big fat lie. Turns out, there is no happily ever after or prince charming but instead, just two flawed individuals doing their best to try and make it work. See, fairytales always made love seem like a magical land filled with rainbows and unicorns. But in reality, it's more of a rollercoaster ride with ups and just as many downs… with the oc…
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twitter thread about similaraties we have with orangutans | thumbnail text -  Full Metal Jackalope @FullJackalope Replying to @MynachMelyn and @Chinchillazllla I saw a thing online once from someone who'd been breastfeeding on a seat next to an orangutan enclosure and was feeling really stressed, then an orangutan with a baby came and sat and fed their baby right next to them. Like 'oh hi we both have babies let's hang out'. 12:18 AM · Dec 13, 2021 · Twitter Web App

Orangutans: They're Just Like Us (Twitter Thread)

Their intelligence is unparalleled
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People Call Out The Dumbest Person They Ever Got The Privilege Of Meeting| thumbnail text - dwalters43 • 32d Had a guy tell me that he could write with his left and right hand equally well. He said that he was "amphibious". Reply ...

People Call Out The Dumbest Person They Ever Got The Privilege Of Meeting

Dummies deserve love too
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Fifteen Of The Dumbest Things People Were Actually Told| thumbnail text - ManEEEFaces • 1y "I don't have to wear a condom because I smoke weed and it makes me sterile." He was a 15 year old kid that had a job cleaning houseboats. 4.3k ...

Fifteen Of The Dumbest Things People Were Actually Told

Prepare to cackle
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