Girl Misunderstands Insurance Agent’s Request For Car Pics, Sends Pics Of Herself Instead

Being able to laugh at your own mistakes is a great quality to have. It helps to not take yourself too seriously in life, especially when there's potential for major embarrassment. Alyssa Stringfellow had this exact attitude when she was asked by her agent to send her "a picture straight on and a picture taken from each side", which she did... of herself. Her agent emailed back pointing out her mistake and thankfully she saw the funny side and posted the story on her Facebook which quickly went viral. Check it out below and have a laugh!  

girl misunderstands what insurance agent means when he asks for pics | Sometime midmorning following day (today *hem hem check my email and find THIS response Hi Alyssa am going need pictures like just took, except needs be vehicle As can see didn't send pictures my car sent him pictures myself
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