facebook post about the craziest insults exes have hurled at eachother | thumbnail text -

Women Reveal The Craziest Insults Their Exes Ever Hurled Their Way

Good thing these toxic relationships have come to an end
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Unspoken Social Rules In The US That Are Good To Know For Foreigners| Thumbnail text - lamREBELoe • 16h 1 Award How are you doing? Is answered with "good", "great", or "fine" followed by "and you?". Nobody expects the real answer or an explanation of how to really are, its a courtesy. If you try to give a real answer, people won't know how to react. G Reply 4 422 3 ...

Unspoken Social Rules In The US That Are Good To Know For Foreigners

Let's talk American customs
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women reveal the worst backhanded compliments they've received | thumbnail text - You have abeautiful pregnaneyglow" The kicker? Iwasnit pregnant, You're cute sure, not hot by any means. But cute!

Women Reveal Worst Backhanded Compliments They've Ever Received

The worst way to insult someone
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Women on Reddit share the worst compliments they received from men they were attracted to | thumbnail text - dondavies954 1 day ago my high school crush said my mom was hotter than me& he couldn't wait for me to grow up "like that" it's been ten years, I look exactly the same

Women Reveal The Worst Compliments They Have Received From Men

Why are men such trash?
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nice girl post | thumbnail text - YOU TOOK A SCREENSHOT OF CHAT! i'm saying we're equal no competition what did you think i meant?? In my experience when people say "there's no competition" they mean that they think there better so l'm sorry if I jumped the gun but just don't do that please

Condescending Woman Claims Man's Polyamorous GF Is No Competition Against Her, Fuming When Man Still Isn't Interested

She hurled some strong insults
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Traits people hate | thumbnail text -  an_ant_of_secrets · 1d 2 & 3 More People who just keep talking about themselves. They talk and talk and talk, they'll ask you a question and while you're mid- answer they will cut you off and start talking about themselves

Classic Traits Of The One Person That Everyone Hates

These people were born to be hated
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Cakes with Internet Trolls’ Written on top - thumbnail includes two pictures of cakes | WAIT TIL YOU BOTH GO TO HELL | ARE AN UGLY EXCUSE HUMAN

Bakery Writes Internet Trolls’ Insults On Cakes, Then Sends Them Back To Trolls

Wait, why are they rewarding trolls with cake?
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strange compliment askreddit people funny insult | TomIsonMySide 22 points 8 hours ago bank teller looked at my (super cute) 3 year old son, looked back at back at my son, back at and said wife must be beautiful

People Reveal The Strangest Compliments They've Ever Received

'You have nice goat birthing hands'
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twitter FAIL tinder tweets viral insult - 8281605

Random Tinder Guy Messages Beautiful Woman Just To Insult Her Dress

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