It's the 'Gram. An entire generation of lazy kids has turned a social media platform into a successful lifestyle. Where was this when we worked at gas stations and movie theaters. It is a craze that has swept the world and left little privacy in its wake. Show check out some of the best Insta memes and gifs and everything in between and satisfy that urge to add a Story.

twitter thread | thumbnail text - R xxoorita Replying AQUAKTTY they be like wanna get pregnant" and then be shocked they end up on blocked list 5:34 AM Jan 15, 2022 Twitter iPhone

Women Completely Obliterate Men Who Slid Into Their DMs With Unsolicited Sexual Messages (Twitter Thread)

Kindly slide back out of our DMs
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funny Instagram account mixing art with texts from your existential dread | am ghost Christmas present. | Is there YouTube tutorial perfect cat eye and accentuate endless suffering being yet or nah?

Funny Instagram Account Mixing Art With 'Texts From Your Existential Dread'

Texts From Your Existentialist is the Instagram account you didn't know you needed. It mixes classic art with deep existential thoughts, creating memes by placing deep satirical musings in speech bubbles on top of art and film stills. It aims to mimic the texts from your existential dread, providing you with the perfect balance of dark humor and philosophical musings . Ladies, I have a feeling you'll relate to these pretty hard.
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twitter thread | thumbnail text - BOMBITOGARCIA BombitoG Replying ChadLanier and @CastlesWay Real s t especially people who always posting they baby after 's born like tryna see post baby everyday and l'm pretty sure if baby had enough intelligence they would tell happy but l'm not not either 2:50 PM Jan 12, 2022 Twitter iPhone

People Reveal Petty Reasons They Unfollowed Others On Social Media (Twitter Thread)

We don't wanna see it on our timelines anymore
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Iconic Instagram Artist Draws Adorably Anxious Cartoons

We all go through the struggles of being a woman in 2022. The good thing is that if we all get the struggles, we know how to be empathetic and be there for each other. Instagram artist @ butlikemaybe draws adorable cartoons documenting what we're all going through, and we're officially obsessed. Take a look at her awesome work below, and be sure to follow her on the 'gram STAT.
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Text Conversations That Show The Weird And Wonderful Sisterly Bonds | Thumbnail text - 8/1/19 18:09 Have you changed the stud in your rear yet? Personal question. Are you referring to Matt? Ear!!! Omg Sorry I don't have my glasses on + Message Alexandra Search GIF You're such a bitch to me Why do you hate me I've been tortured by you since I was born I'm due a break Sisters don't allocate breaks Sorry thems the sibling rules . Did you not get the handbook at birth?

Text Conversations That Show The Weird And Wonderful World Of Sisterly Bonds

It's a sister thing
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comics for women | thumbnail text - MAY BE I SHOULD APOLOGIZE FIRST. EGO @sabincomics

Instagram Artist Draws Quirky Comics Depicting Relatable Female Struggles

AIn't that the truth
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overheard LA conversations

'Overheard LA' Conversations That Made Us Want To Move To La La Land

The la la land of fame
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Best tweets about instagram influencer culture | thumbnail text - Cara @vodkaspicelatte my favorite literary treasure is the instagram influencer apology 7:34 PM · Mar 24, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

Best Tweets Poking Fun At Instagram Influencer Culture

PhD in influencing others
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2021 Best Instagram Accounts For Food P*rn And Recipes´╗┐| Thumbnail Text - Food - Oatmeal in COFFEE 5 minutes Vegan crunchwrap

2021 Best Instagram Accounts For Food P*rn And Recipes

Drooling from the pics alone
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Instagrammer Accurately Presents 'Instagram Vs. Reality' In Her Photos| thumbnail text - INSTAGRAM REALITY

Instagrammer Accurately Presents 'Instagram Vs. Reality' In Her Photos

Nothing is real
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letters to exes | thumbnail text - Dear Brett, I'm sorry for vomiting in front of you, but we split a bottle of Jack and you told me you still talk to your ex-girlfriend. So who's the one that really should be saying sorry. TO THE Adeline GUYS I'VE Kinda DATED

Women Write Letters To The Questionable Men They Dated

Blessed that it's over
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Top Realistic Trends People That Actually Are Willing To Have Stick Around This Season| thumbnail text - Who would have thought that Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Would be such a fashion icon, even in 2022. But here we are.

Top Trends That People Actually Are Willing To Have Stick Around This Season

These will do
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funny letters of disappointment from women to the guys they've dated | thumbnail Text - Dear Justin, Thanks for taking the disposable baking tins, the olive oil, the laundry pods and the sugar when you moved out and into your parents house. I guess after being together for 7 years you felt entitled to those things but leaving me with the rent left you with no guilt. TO THE Enjoy your bunk bed, GUYS Lauren I'VE Kinda DATED Dear Morgan, Thank you for inviting me over to spend the weekend at your p

Funny, Brutal Breakup Letters Women Wrote To Their 'Disappointing Exes'

Helping ladies getting the closure they need
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Memes That Are Nothing If Not Straight-Up Facts| Thumbnail text - me trying to learn 5 weeks worth of homework I haven't done 10 minutes before an exam CLEAR

Memes That Are Nothing If Not Straight-Up Facts

Laugh so you don't cry
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Relatable Coffee Memes For People Who Can't Be Spoken To Before Their Second Cup| thumbnail text - I like my coffee how I like myself: dark, bitter, and too hot for you.

Relatable Coffee Memes For People Who Can't Be Spoken To Before Their Second Cup

Coffee will never judge you
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makeup artist creates stunning pictures on people's eyelids | thumbnail includes two pictures of makeup on eyelids candy and ariel mermaid

Makeup Artist Creates Mesmerizing Images On Eyelids

Eye candy at it's best!
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