The Realistic Anatomy Of Popular Toys

Most kids don't take the best care of their toys. Sure, they'll get excited about a new Barbie doll, teddy bear, or lego set for five minutes, but next thing you know, the toys have been beheaded and can be found strewn limbless around the house. Perhaps kids would take better care of their toys if, rather than the usual stuffing or pieces of plastic they are used to seeing upon dismemberment, they were greeted with a skeleton and organs instead? New York-based sculptor and toy designer Jason Freeny reimagines popular children's characters and designs them with a 'realistic anatomy,' displaying them dissected down the middle. They aren't exactly available for mass production, but maybe this is the way forward? Here are some of his masterful creations, but you can catch more of them on his Facebook and Instagram pages.

pictures showing the realistic anatomy of popular toys - thumbnail includes pictures of Popeye, Bugs Bunny and Sully inside guts x-ray organs
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