Woman Refuses To Provide Inheritance Money To Sister Who Needs Post-Cancer Surgery

You can find a whole lotta love within families, but you could also find a whole lotta drama in 'em too. Some families are super wholesome, some are batsh*t crazy, and some fall somewhere in the middle. On Reddit's infamous 'Am I The A**hole' thread, we're analyzing quite the complicated family this week. The story begins with two sisters - one a mother, the other one childless - plus she's never having on planning kids and frankly isn't a fan of children at all, including her sister's kids. To make a long story short, the sister's parents only allowed access to the inheritance money to their kids that had children, so when they passed on, the childless sister received none of the inheritance money. She asked her sister to lend her some money for surgery after her battle with cancer, alas she's not exactly in a giving mood considering her sister's nasty attitude towards her children. 

Reddit thread about major drama between sisters | thumbnail text - r/AmItheAsshole · Posted by u/pink-pa 14 hours ago AITA for telling "child-free" sister to use the money she saved by not having kids to fund her operation? This requires a bit of background. I (32f) have 4 children and a series of life events found that they each have a different biological father, although they all call my Husband Dad. Two of my children I had at a very young age and it caused a lot of chaos in the famil
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