Woman Calls Out Misogynistic Comment Made By Podcaster About How Women, "Just Have To Exist" On Dates| thumbnail text - Guys literally just want a sounding board – They just want someone to sit there and look pretty Guys actually have to perform and put in work

Woman Calls Out Misogynistic Comment Made By Podcaster About How Women, "Just Have To Exist" On Dates

A comment that will not age well
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Best tweets about instagram influencer culture | thumbnail text - Cara @vodkaspicelatte my favorite literary treasure is the instagram influencer apology 7:34 PM · Mar 24, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

Best Tweets Poking Fun At Instagram Influencer Culture

PhD in influencing others
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Creepy Man Embarrasses Himself As He's Rejected By A Teen Girl At The Gym| thumbnail text - older man (40s) hitting on me at the gym ... 14444

Creepy Man Embarrasses Himself As He's Rejected By A Teen Girl At The Gym

Maybe try someone your own age
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guy mad at girlfriend for sabotaging his tiktok account after he lies about their relationship | thumbnail text - Posted by u/ThrowRApeachsodaaaa 2 days ago AITA for ruining my boyfriend's 'clout' on TikTok? Not the A-hole I am 20F. My boyfriend (21M) downloaded TikTok a while ago & developed a decent following, nothing close to Charli or anything but around 80k followers which is pretty impressive. Most of his videos are "thirst trap" type videos (basically him just being hot on camera lol), wh

'Influencer' Mad At GF For Sabotaging TikTok Account After He Lies About Their Relationship

Social media vs. reality
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Instagrammers who edited their photos so much, it hurts | thumbnail text - She doesn't have a nose Skin Texture, we all have it.

Instagrammers Who Photoshopped Their Pics So Badly, It's Funny

The art of editing is lost on these people
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TIktok Influencer Normalizes Bloating By Showing How Her Body Changes Over A Day| thumbnail text - more reminders like this on my IG: breeelenehan after a toilet break & before food RK GYMSHA Tik Tok @ breelenehan

TikTok Influencer Normalizes Bloating By Showing How Her Body Changes Over A Day

Bloating is beautiful
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tweets about Instagram influencers | thumbnail text - being an instagram influencer is really hard

Inspirational Tweets You Need To Quit Your Day Job And Become An Instagram Influencer

We're super influential
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Funny tweets about the instagram aesthetic | thumbnail text - How I Met Your Maddy @Maddywithay1470 I've eaten a salad for lunch every day this week so basically I'm an Instagram influencer now. Sorry I don't make the rules. 6:49 PM · Apr 16, 2021 from Buffalo, NY · Twitter for iPhone

Funniest Instagram Tweets For The Aspiring Influencers Of The World

Follow for follow
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Funny tweets about Instagram influencers | thumbnail tweet - Vicky Carr @VickyHCarr A parenting influencer posting about the joy of eating pesto porridge (yes,v that's porridge with pesto in it) for breakfast may just be the line I needed to cross in order to accept I don't belong on Instagram. 2:14 PM · Apr 5, 2021 · Twitter for Android

Tweets Poking Fun At The Ridiculously Over-The-Top Influencers of Instagram

Influencers be like "link in bioooo"
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pictures of what mona lisa would look like in today's society - thumbnail shows two pictures of Mona Lisa sitting down

Artist Reimagines What Mona Lisa Would Look Like In Today’s Society (Photos)

If Mona Lisa was an influencer
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Instagram influencer tries and fails to get free food at michelin star restaurant | As an owner have morals and integrities have follow return investment offer" is simply far too low cannot get free food just by being an online influencer | answer 05:45 AM racist term demand answer 06:45 AM

Influencer Tries And Fails To Get Free Food At A Michelin Star Restaurant

The entitled Karen's of Instagram
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pictures of ukranian instagram model who injects her own cheek and lip fillers

Ukrainian Instagram Influencer Injects Her Own Cheeks With Fillers

The lengths people go to for beauty
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mother surrogate child grandchild inspirational heartwarming parents offer love | pregnant woman holding hands with another woman who is staring into a man's eyes MADE WITH LOTS LOVE, AND LITTLE BIT SCIENCE

Woman Agrees To Be Surrogate For Her Influencer Daughter's Child

Such a huge gesture of love
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grandma style icon instagram fashion influencer grandmother | older lady in an adidas black dress and sunglasses and same lady in a colorful fuzzy scarf and a colorful leotard

Baddie Winkle, The 91-Year-Old Style Icon Is Back

Grandma goals!
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influencer dogs Instagram quarantine model satire pets dog wine alcohol | dog in glasses and a head scarf My 5 year plan is make May. | Quarantine Day 40: Today woke up, had smoothie and did an at-home workout. Translation: Started drinking margaritas at 10am and fell down stairs.

Canine Influencer Living Her Best Quarantine Life

Quarantinis all day
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woman outfits celebrities size style copy fashion influencer plus size style inspired | Meghan Markle in a denim dress under a beige blazer | Victoria Beckham in a purple sweater and long red skirt

Woman Copies Celebrity Outfits Proving Style Doesn't Depend on Size

Wear what makes you feel inspired
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