Dumb Things Women Should Charge For Which Men Don’t Have To Deal With

Most people know that women get paid less than men for doing the same work in most fields, and on March 24 there's even a national day to fight the pay gap. But, did you ever think about how there's tons more bullsh*t that women have to deal with, that goes mostly unnoticed? Little things, like getting passed over for a job for not wearing makeup (or for wearing too much). In what world does the amount of glorified paint on your face have any connection to your ability to do a job?? Well this year, I say we take Equal-Pay Day to its logical conclusion and start charging money for every dumb thing we have to deal with just for not being men. Like…

things women should charge for that men don't have to deal with | thumbnail text - getting interrupted You know what hurts a man’s feelings? Getting interrupted. You know what women experience in nearly every single conversation with a man ever? Getting interrupted. Considering the serious emotional toll it can take, I’d say we have a solid class-action lawsuit on our hands. Get ready to pay damages, boys, we’re going to court!
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