Relatable 'Adulting' Tweets From This Week (March 29, 2021)

Who knew adulting could be so rough? When I was a youth, all I wanted to do was grow up and finally attain independence on my own. Looking back, those were the best days of my life, and I should have cherished them more. The Twitter-sphere also laments the struggles of adulting on a weekly basis, and these hilarious tweets couldn't be more accurate! Join us in complaining about being an adult and scroll down for the best 'adulting' tweets of the week. 

Funniest tweets about 'adulting' from this week | thumbnail text - lexi taylor @itslexitaylor ... Adulting is getting excited about buying a new air purifier and also looking at vacuums 3:02 AM · Mar 23, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone
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