Cringy And Inappropriate Messages People Received In Their DMs

There is an art to sliding into a person's DMs— a skill set that not everyone has. The basic premise is to be polite, throw in a subtle compliment, and not be a total creep. Unfortunately, some people missed the memo and went from zero to a hundred on the inappropriate scale instead, resulting in these hilariously cringy attempts at flirting. I bet they wish they'd unsend these messages if they could

cringey and inappropriate messages people received in their DMs | thumbnail text - VIEW PROFILE 4:31 PM Could I put pasta on you and eat it off your body? ( just kidding Hi im Kevin Hi there. How are you? Today 9:44 AM No response is pretty disappointing. From reading your profile I was actually excited to talk to you Hey sorry about that Phil! I check this once or twice a week because I try not to be super involved with social media Sent Well l'd prefer you be super involved with me and this tr
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