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People Reveal Ridiculous Things They Did When They Were 'In Love'

Being in love can make you do crazy things and make sacrifices you never thought you'd make. But, as anyone who has been in love knows, once that good ol' Oxytocin kicks in, it's goodbye, old sensible self, and hello, brave reckless new self.

This phenomenon of being recklessly in love, was proved in a recent crazy interview with a former journalist named Christie Smythe, who fell in love with Martin Shkreli — the infamous former pharmaceutical fraudster. It describes how Smythe, who, at the time, was married to a successful investment manager, began covering Shkreli's case after he was arrested for various fraud counts. To give you an idea, hiking up a necessary HIV medication price by 5,000 percent was within his repertoire of offenses. He sounds like a standup guy, right? In the interview, Smythe reveals that she left her husband, quit her job, and froze her eggs all for Shkreli, who subsequently broke up with her. The guy is now serving seven years in jail. The story prompted Twitter user @literElly to ask her followers, "In light of the Shkreli story, what is the most ridiculous or embarrassing thing you ever did to be with a partner who wasn't worth it or didn't deserve you?" And oh boy, did the replies come pouring in. Here are some of the best, which are truly relatable AF.

people share the ridiculous things they did for losers they were in love with | thumbnail Text - Christmas trees & COVID vaccines @teedotham Replying to @literElly At twenty-and-one-whole-idiot years old, a guy asked me to pretend to be a delivery person and take his ex [who he was trying to win back] flowers and a bear. My ass walked into a lecture hall and she clocked me IMMEDIATELY, then pulled me out in the hall to yell at me [..fair]. 5:37 AM Dec 21, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone
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