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People Throw Out The Worst Names To Moan In Bed

There are a lot of things that can ruin the mood in bed. It can be hard to 'resume' after the most un-sexy song pops up on shuffle, or somebody receives a phone call from an ex, or when a not-so-subtle fart sound occurs. But, we already knew that sex is definitely not what it's like in the movies, so we expect weirdness to ensue from time to time.

However, if you find yourself with a partner who has an 'unmoanable' name, you may have to make a decision. Do I say it, even if it ruins the mood? Have they ever even used this name for a love interest in a movie?

If you have some deal-breaker names that you cannot say in bed without laughing, this Reddit thread will probably make you chuckle.

People Throw Out The Worst Names To Moan In Bed| thumbnail text - r/AskReddit - Posted by u/macsredditaccount1 7 hours ago 156 What is the most unmoanable name? 89% Upvoted | 317 Comments Award Share .. RadGrandpaDragon 7 hours ago Fitzhenry
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