People Reveal The Reasons They Dumped Their Ex

People end relationships for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes those reasons are perfectly justified, but other times they are shallow and unwarranted. Of course, no one should stay in a relationship that they aren't comfortable in, but it does make you question why some people got into the relationship in the first place. Scroll through the reasons these people dumped their partner at the time, and they'll either make you feel better about your decisions or a whole lot worse!

people reveal the reasons they dumped their exes - cover picture of reasons people dumped their exes | cute at first he could quote his favorite movies heart, but he didn't know say during serious moments he quoted movies EVERY TIME and stopped being cute | He HORRIBLE kisser. I thought he playing at First, but then pissed off. He always slobbered on my face shoved his tongue down my throat, made too much noise sucked my face
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