Mom Makes Husband Take Over 'Household Duties' For a Day, Plays Video Games

The division of labor at home is an essential discussion that couples need to have before moving in together or getting married. The boundaries of traditional gender roles are becoming more and more blurred, as two incomes become necessary for many families to survive. But, if you're a woman and you're in the position to be a stay-at-home mom, then that's not to say you've got the easy way out at all. Stay-at-home moms have it tough, and being able to count on your husband or partner for support when they get home from work is a crucial part of the role. One stay-at-home mom of four was so sick of her husband's lack of contribution to the housework or child-raising that she decided to boycott her 'duties' one weekend, spending the whole Saturday locked in a room, playing video games. Her husband was furious and even called his mom to complain, who then had a go at her DIL (hi, manchild!) The woman posted on Reddit's Am I The A-Hole, to get an outside perspective as to whether she was overacting or whether marriage counseling was the only thing that would save the marriage. Read through the comments, which are all pro-her. Her husband sounds unbearable and like he lives in the '50s.

Stay-at-home mom teaches husband lesson and locks herself in room to play video games Text - Posted by u/ClassroomLonely 6 days ago 25 17 321 12 26 AITA for making my husband take over for a day so I can play video games? Not the A-hole I am a mom of 4. I know, that's alot of kids, but I wouldn't change it. The kids are 10m, 9f, 6m, and 2m. I am a stay at home mom while my husband works m-f 9-5. His saturdays are pretty relaxed, he hangs out with the kids
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