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Hotel Cleaners Spill The Dirt On The Weirdest Things Guests Left Behind

When it comes to hotel rooms, most guests leave them in reasonably good condition after their stay. It's pretty standard practice to check to make sure you haven't left anything behind, either under the bed or in a drawer. But sometimes, guests forget this basic task and leave behind all sorts of weird stuff for the hotel cleaners to find. From the gross to the bizarre to the creepy, hotel cleaners have seen it all. They have shared some of the craziest finds on a Reddit post, and we've compiled some of the funniest answers.

hotel cleaners reveal weirdest things left behind by guests | thumbnail text - elgatodefelix 4 days ago 2 By the tub: empty gallon JUGS of milk next to empty CONTAINERS of Quaker Oats. Ma'am that is not how you have an oatmeal bath.
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