Guy Tries To Date 6 Girls In One Night, At One Location... Girls Get Best Revenge

Dates can be awkward, amazing or just plain horrible. But it's a common rule that a date... is just between two people. Unless you're double dating or what not. Well, someone didn't get that memo! This guy had the nerve to set up not 1, 2 but 5... yes 5!!!! dates in one night. At one location... around the same time! Almost like speed dating. 

As a harmless set up date, Lysette decided to play along when her friends decided to set her up with someone. Even though she was forewarned that he's probably a dud, Lysette decided to go ahead and check it out. 

What she wasn't expecting was that 5 other girls were also scheduled to attend. So Lysette did what we all do, she took her story to twitter...

a photo of 4 girls smiling at the camera - cover for a story of a guy trying to get 6 dates in one night, but girls become friends instead
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