My Dating Nightmare: Guy Was A Holier-Than-Thou Homophobe

Ever gone on a date with a raging homophobe? If so, you'll know how painfully awkward it is. If not, this woman will walk you through her bad experience, with no details spared. Together with The Single Society, we bring you the latest tale of dating debauchery in NYC, where women attempt to navigate their way through the minefield of lunatics out there, to try and find the one. It's not easy, but hey, at least bad dates make great stories, right?

pop art illustration of man praying - woman describing how guy wanted his wife to be a virgin | "He told me that he prefers his wife to be a virgin, because he feels that a woman should be pure when she gives herself to her husband, or else why wear a white dress? TOGETHER WE CAN PRAY THE AWAY!
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