Tweets From Parents Describing The Horrors Of Homeschooling Hell

For some reason unknown to me, some parents voluntarily homeschool their kids. To each their own, but for the most part, the majority of parents happily send their young ones off to school every morning so that they can go to work, do the housework, or have a couple of hours of peace. However, most parents have had to homeschool their kids over the past year, beyond regular homework checks. The pandemic has turned the average parent into a less than average teacher, and they aren't happy about it. These hilarious tweets show the difficult reality of what it's like to homeschool your kids and why so many parents just gave up.

funny tweets from parents about homeschooling hell | thumbnail Text - Dr. Carolyn Jess-Cooke/C.J. Cooke @CJessCooke 000 Anyone struggling with homeschooling should know that, despite having a PhD in Literature and having published 12 books, I only learned what a fronted adverbial was when my 8 year old's teacher said he doesn't use enough of them in his written work. 5:15 AM Jan 13, 2021 Twitter Web App
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