A house is not a home, but it can be. If you make it, they will come, so put four walls up and chuckle at some house puns.

aita post | thumbnail text - Moths and butterflies - r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/Imaginary_Agency991 10 hours ago 1244 2 582 AITA not wanting be SAHM?

Mother-In-Law And Sister-In-Law Attempt To Bully Woman Into Being A Stay-At-Home Mom

Attack of the in-laws
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aita thread | thumbnail text -r/AmItheAsshole · Posted by u/yikyakpaw 14 hours ago 3 2 2 O 3 5 3 A AITA for wanting to walk into my first home without my wife? My wife [25F] and I [27M] have been married six months now. I have a good job in sales, and have managed to save enough to get together a deposit for a house. It is true that my parents have helped me out quite a bit too financially.

Woman Offended After Husband Asks Her To Wait Outside While He Experiences Their First Home Alone

This marriage sounds off
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worst houseguests who destroy people's lives | thumbnail text -Renrost · 11h · edited 4h Go through my closet and get mad at me for having sex toys because it was inappropriate. Wtf

Horrifying Houseguests Who Exist Solely To Destroy People's Homes

So much yikes
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aita post | thumbnail text - WIBTA if I didn't let my brother's girlfriend have her baby at my house? Not the A-hole I'm posting anonymously for privacy reasons. My brother has made a really weird request of me. He asked me if him and his girlfriend could use my house to give birth at. I didn't even know what he was getting at at first but he explained to me that their apartment doesn't have a bathtub,

Concerned Man Debating Whether He Should Host His Brother's GF's Homebirth At His House

It's a nope from us
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reddit thread about quirky home things | thumbnail text - curryp4n · 16h · edited 14h 3 No one is allowed near or on the bed unless they shower. If you hear the vacuum running as soon as you leave, it's because you walked in with your shoes and I'm afraid of germs. However, the "trash" all over the floor is not trash. It's cardboard for the cats with play with. We also don't have kids, the toys all over the house are cat toys O

Quirky Things Women Have Had To Explain About Their Homes To Guests

Home sweet home
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disrespectful things guests did in people's homes - cover image story about someone using person's razor not for their face petewolfz | Petewolfz 1.0k points 13 hours ago had friend living with about week while he between places came home work one day, went bathroom and noticed he had used my razor. No big deal donebin bathroom went front room and noticed he had not shaved his face.

Disrespectful Things Guests Actually Did In People's Homes

It's the audacity for me
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things women hated about their significant other after moving in | thumbnail text -  jmeade90 · 6h Their hair. Gorgeous to look at at first, until it chokes the vac up and requires cutting out with scissors every couple months.

Things That Drove Women Crazy Once They Moved In With Their Significant Other

Couples that aren't exactly on the same page
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pictures of couple reenacting movie posters - cover pic reenacting back to the future

Couple Brilliantly Reenact Famous Movie Posters

Someone in Hollywood, give them a call!
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picture of old typewriter “My great grandmother’s typewriter from the ’50s still operates perfectly.”

Vintage Home Appliances Which Still Work Perfectly Today

Things which stood the test of time
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pictures showing home DIY transformations before and after | modern design neon lights bedroom office space

Pictures Showing Beautiful Home Transformations

Gorgeous DIY projects
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quarantined couple reenact movie scenes facebook iconic reenactment home | SÜTI SYLVESTE STALLONE ROCKY TE ST boxer wearing an oven mitten

Quarantined Couple Re-enact Iconic Movie Scenes With Things in Their Home

Doing what it takes to keep busy
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beer home - 4851205

You Can Now Enjoy a Fresh Craft Beer On Tap...At Home

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the most colorful apartment in the world

This Magical Apartment Looks Like It Came Out Of a Unicorn Heaven

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