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The Funniest Sarcastic R.I.P. Posts We Found On Twitter

Lucky for us Twitter has brought us a new meme format, and it is both dark and hilarious. Just what we all need right now. Hard to know where it started but the general concept is pretty easy to catch on to. It seems like there are very few boundaries too, it's really just a beautiful way to remember someone. Personally, I wouldn't mind if this meme format sticks around for a bit since it is kind of informative too. The more random the historical figure, the funnier.

If you're a history buff or just someone who appreciates sarcastic humor in general, you will probably thoroughly enjoy these tweets.

The Funniest Sarcastic R.I.P. Posts We Found On Twitter| thumbnail text - Harrison @harriweinreb - Mar 23 •.. rip to the wright brothers they would have loved airplane mode 5 7 191 ♡ 2.9K
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