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Real Stories Of 'Hide And Seek' Going Horribly Wrong

Games are a great way to pass the time, especially during our current lockdown situation. They provide an opportunity for friends and families to bond, whether they're played in person, online or via video chat (unless it's Monopoly, which, for the sake of peace in the home, we wouldn't recommend during lockdown). But being in lockdown means that some games, such as hide and seek, are harder to play. After all, how many times can you hide in the same three spaces? Oh, how we took it for granted. As a throwback, an Ask/Reddit thread asking people to share stories of how their games of 'hide and seek' went horribly wrong, before coronavirus took over the world of course. It revealed how quickly games can go from a bit of innocent fun, to horribly wrong. Here are some of the most shocking stories. 

askreddit stories hide and seek wrong fail fails real | peterjohnpeterson 21.3k points 2 days ago thought would be clever and hide underneath an abandoned vehicle somebody's yard covered with hornets nests underneath first one found.got 63 stings, fuckers chased block.just like cartoon.cloud bees behind
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