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Hard-Hitting Adulting Memes For Anyone Who Can't Handle Adulting Today

If adulting stresses you out, you aren't alone. From the everyday tasks to the big decisions we have to make as grownups, life can be pretty stressful. But it's all about how you approach it, right? You can either face things head-on and deal with the sh*t life throws at you, or you can pretend you're still a teenager and ignore all your responsibilities. I find the latter approach to be the easiest short-term solution, but it tends to be the most stressful long-term. This is, of course, ironic because adulting is all about planning ahead. I guess I have a lot of growing up to do. Anyway, these memes about adulting will hit you hard, if you too, are having trouble admitting you're now a responsible grownup.

hard-hitting adulting memes for anyone who can't handle adulting today | thumbnail text - JayMind @JayMindX "I was born ready" is a cool thing to say but, if I'm being honest, I don't think baby me was prepared for all this midlife nose hair. Glitter @xoGlitterTV You're an adult now, pick 3: » full time job •a consistent workout schedule • a sex life the will to live • a fridge with actual food in it • one large coffee
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