Guys All Women Encounter At The Gym

As if I didn't hate working out already, the guys I come into contact with at the gym make me regret showing up even more. Like, don't these men understand that I just wanna suffer and sweat in peace? Don't look at me, don't talk to me, just let me be. Nonetheless, I have to admit that whether they're directly involving you in their gym routine or not, prime entertainment is always guaranteed during your workout.

This list is gonna make you count your blessings for at-home workouts during the Rona era.

guys all women meet at the gym | thumbnail includes picture of topless man taking gym selfie Text - Somehow, he has a perfectly chiseled bod, which makes no sense, considering he spends more time hanging out around the mirror than actually working out. If he could make out with his reflection, he totally would.
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