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Guys All Women Encounter At The Club

Just in time for hot girl summer, we're all out and about on the town again, which means we're moving drinks in the living room to drinks at the club. In case you've forgotten how social interactions at the club work (or how social interactions work in general), ya girl is here to refresh your memory. To optimize your night out, you need to know who to befriend, and who to look out for. Because I'm such a good friend, I've compiled a list of eight types of guys you meet at the club so you can prepare adequately before getting too intoxicated to tell the difference. Always remember the golden rule, Cheezcakers: prep yourself before you wreck yourself

Guys women encounter at the club | thumbnail text - Awkward Hoverer A clubbing first-timer (or his friends cancelled on him at the last minute), this guy will hover around your friend group and dance awkwardly forever - until you let him into your circle. If you're feeling generous, adopt him for the night. Cheers to new friends!
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