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Children Of Strict Parents Tweet Their “Weirdest Rules” Growing Up

When you grow up, you assume that everything your parents say is true. After all, adults know everything, right? All those rules you had imposed on you that might have seemed slightly weird at the time, you just took as a given. It's only once you grow up and discuss them with other adults that you realize how fricken weird they were! A tweet asking people who had strict parents what the "weirdest rule they had growing up" was, has revealed some hilarious and weird practices that will either make you feel like you're not alone or be grateful that your parents weren't THIS weird! 

people tweet rules from strict parents growing up - cover pic tweet I could have action figures with no guns and no print on my tshirts | Kyle BLM @SpaceLeftEmpty Replying The_Dingus_Khan could have action figures but if they came with guns, all those went into trash. Absolutely no t-shirts with any kind print on them or name brand shoes because won't allow be walking billboard
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