Women Who Made History For Being Very Very Bad

What would the world be if bad girls weren't here to shake things up? Us women have only the bad girls to thank for getting us our right to vote, to study, heck, even our right to show off our luscious legs in a mini skirt. The bad girls are the ones who don't ask for permission when they change the world. They barely even ask for forgiveness either. They take what is theirs. They reject stereotypes and prove every day that there is a place for women in every professional setting. We all owe the bad girls a big thank you!

Women Who Made History For Being Bad| thumbnail text - Eve Once she took a bite out of the apple and passed it on to Adam, she created original sin. Yep, she is the original sinner, can't get much more 'bad' than that. Because of her, women throughout time have been blamed for being temptresses.
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