Dating Nightmares: 'Scrooging' Is The New 'Ghosting' - Women Reveal Their Stories

"Scrooging is the dating trend that inevitably rears its ugly head every holiday season.

What is 'Scrooging,' you ask?

Scrooging is the term used when a person breaks up with their significant other before or in the midst of the holiday season...and it sucks. Whether they were too cheap to buy a gift, or they weren't quite committed enough to make the obligatory family introductions, there is something about the holidays that spawns an annual 'break up' epidemic. But alas! No need to let your Scrooging Grinch of an ex ruin your holiday cheer. Having the support of friends and family — and an excess of food and eggnog — can help ease the pain of heartbreak and may even jumpstart a new beginning. We teamed up with The Single Society to share the most painful holiday breakups that ultimately left these strong women much better off.

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