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People Deseperately Yearn For The Opposite Gender's Fashion Staples

Sometimes I wish I could just live in men's basketball shorts forever and always. They're just so flowy and chill that I'd love to wear 'em to work every day. A Redditor started a thread about what fashion staples the opposite gender dons that they'd love to wear for a day (or a year), and some of the responses are things I've never thought about before. Who knew guys were so into the variety that women's fashion offers? Def not me, and now I'm counting my blessings. Scroll down for some insight into classic fashion staples according to gender. 

Women and men are jealous of eachother's fashion staples | thumbnail text - Posted by u/lemonchicken91 20 hours ago Women and Men of Reddit, what fashion or clothes of the opposite gender are you jealous of?
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