gender differences

askwomen post | thumbnail text - BusGo_Screech26 1 day ago think 's funny and sometimes cute. Like "yeah tap into those Neanderthal instincts and pick up heavy thing".

Women Reveal How They Feel About Men Carrying Heavy Things To Impress Them

Keep on impressing us
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Women and men are jealous of eachother's fashion staples | thumbnail text -  Posted by u/lemonchicken91 20 hours ago Women and Men of Reddit, what fashion or clothes of the opposite gender are you jealous of?

People Deseperately Yearn For The Opposite Gender's Fashion Staples

Pockets for days
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twitter thread about unhinged man who cursed out woman because he didn't want to pay for her on a date | thumbnail text -  it me, dani (and i'm back) @melaninbarbie I asked for a date and this man sends some of the most wild shit I ever seen in my life. Calling me a bitch for what????? Are CIS MEN OK?????

Unhinged Man Curses Out Woman Who Asked Him To Take Her Out On A Date (Twitter Thread)

Dating has gotten so scary lately
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things men could do that women wish they could do | thumbnail text -  Turn someone on with my forearms

14 Fun Things Men Do That Women Wish They Could Do

The perks of being a man
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funny and relatable women vs. men memes || thumbnail includes two memes Text - How men get out of the friendzone. How women get out of the friendzone.

Relatable Women vs. Men Memes

The gender differences that count
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objects which were pointlessly gendered | thumbnail text - same price. Just confusing. It's a glove but for men.

Objects Which Were Pointlessly Gendered

The gender divide is real
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men reveal girly things they do on a regular basis - cover image man saying he used wife's shaving cream because it smells good | ineedaredditname 38 points 14 hours ago use my wife's shaving cream out laziness, and passion fruit plumegranate smells way better than iceberg or whatever smells men's creams are.

Men Of Reddit Reveal 'Girly' Things They Do Regularly

Men doing "girly" things
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questions to the opposite sex - cover pic asking about pierced nipples leaking when you breastfeed | flamingoman 1.9k points 11 hours ago Girls, if have pierced nipples then have kid, does milk come out like sprinkler head or through original channel like hose.

Questions For The Opposite Sex That You Wouldn’t Say IRL: A Reddit Thread

"Does size matter? Asking for a friend..."
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girls share the worst things about being a guy - cover pic describing how annoying it is to have out of control boners | 10daisy9 2.6k points 18 hours ago Honestly, men's genitals seem be pretty out control their brains stories hear. Like random boner does not sound pleasant, especially everyone would tease

Girls' Opinions On The Worst Part Of Being A Guy

We don't know the half of it
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film about gender differences

A Powerful Short Film About Reversed Gender Stereotypes, Made By 13 Years Old Girl

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Funny Animation proving men think different

You Can't Really Argue With Men Logic

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gender differences according to "Friends"

The Difference Between Men And Women Explained By "Friends"

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