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The Hottest Nerdy Celebs Hollywood Has To Offer

Last week, we honored the hottest fictional nerds on our TV screens to date. But then it got us thinking - what's the point of fangirling over fictional nerds when they don't even exist IRL?! Let's thirst over REAL nerds who we actually have a chance with. Okay, maybe we don't have an actual chance with these celebs, but at least we know this sexy standard exists somewhere out there, rather than just in our wildest dreams.  It's nice to know that being hot and nerdy are not mutually exclusive in reality. These celebs prove that you can love the geeky stuff you're into openly, and look hot doing it.

The hottest nerdy celebs in Hollywood | thumbnail text - Donald Glover Before he became known as iconic rapper Childish Gambino, he was just Donald, an awkward soul trying to maintain a balance between being 'too black' and 'not being black enough.' Through his alternative rap style, hilarious role as Troy on Community, and creation of the comedy-drama TV show Atlanta, it's clear he finally found his place. We stan this man - hard.
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