Couple Builds Mini Pub In Backyard And It's Total Goals

One of the most (relatively) devastating effects of Coronavirus has been the closing of all bars and pubs. Although this has been felt everywhere, the British public is understandably one of the most hard-hit nations when it comes to the loss of social drinking. Some are wallowing in their sadness and waiting for the pubs to reopen. But others are taking matters into their own hands and implementing drastic action to get their alcohol fix. One family in Wigan, U.K., hired Octavia Chic to construct a pub in their backyard so they wouldn't have to wait until the lockdown is over. The results are even better than you could imagine, and judging by the pictures Octavia Chic uploaded to their Facebook page (featured below), they're going to get many more orders just like that one!

pub backyard couple lock down coronavirus goals drinking couple DIY
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