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Worst Gifts People Received From Their In-Laws

Your relationship with your in-laws is one of the most important but trickiest to handle. If you're lucky, you get a set of in-laws who treat you like their own child, who respect your boundaries and are all-around decent human beings. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with such perfect in-laws, and if you have a particularly bad set, they can make your life pretty miserable. These people share the worst gifts they've received from their in-laws, and I won't lie; they are bad. The passive-aggression behind the thoughtless gestures are enough to give anyone the message that their in-laws hate their guts. In-laws: the gifts that keep on giving.

people reveal worst gifts they received from their in-laws | thumbnail Text - "For my wedding shower, I got a Pyrex pie plate with a crack in the bottom. Upon pulling it out of the wrapping, my soon to be mother-in-law says, "We got that at an auction. We paid a dollar for it."Thanks for showing me just how much I mean to you. She is no longer my mother-in-law."
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