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Funniest Marriage Tweets We Saw This Month

Marriage is like navigating a minefield of love and hate. One minute you're standing at the altar, looking at this perfect person in front of you through rose-tinted glasses, blissfully ignorant about what lies ahead. Next thing you know, every single thing about them annoys you, from the way they breathe to the way they style their hair. Now, you have to cohabitate with this person forever, regardless of how much they drive you crazy. Welcome to marriage; as one Twitter user so accurately put it, "The secret to a successful marriage is to marry the one who matches your values, principles and thermostat settings." Here are the funniest marriage tweets we saw this month, giving you a taste of marriage bliss.

funniest marriage tweets we saw this month | thumbnail text - Font - Rodney Lacroix @RodLacroix ... Wife and I are at that age where foreplay is just us describing things we'd probably do to each other if we weren't so tired and achy. 2:03 PM · Mar 9, 2021 - Twitter Web App 62 Retweets 1 Quote Tweet 344 Likes
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