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Funniest Parenting Memes We Saw This Past Week (April 9, 2022)| thumbnail text - Friends with no kids be like: "You wanna go to Africa this Friday?"

Funniest Parenting Memes We Saw This Past Week (April 9, 2022)

Memes make everything better
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Parents Expose Phrases Their Children Made Up That They Still Use Today| thumbnail text - Cw2e · 13 hr. ago All of my relatives refer to breakfast burritos as 'eggy weggy tacos' which is a moral victory for four-year-old me

Parents Expose Phrases Their Children Made Up That They Still Use Today

There's nothing quite like a child's imagination
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Funniest Parenting Tweets We Saw This Past Week (March 17, 2022)| thumbnail text - mom mom mom mom mom @notmythirdrodeo 6yo: this is my boyfriend me: what's his name? 6yo, whispers to boy: what's your name? me: been there 4:03 PM · Mar 9, 2022 · Twitter for iPhone

Funniest Parenting Tweets We Saw This Past Week (March 17, 2022)

Parenting is a lifestyle
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Dad Tweets That May Fuel Your Baby Fever, Or Serve As Birth Control| thumbnail text - Simon Holland @simoncholland I never understood how the little drummer boy's parents could just send him outside alone at night to play his drum until my daughter brought a recorder home from school. 3:00 AM · Dec 6, 2021

Dad Tweets That May Fuel Your Baby Fever, Or Serve As Birth Control

Depends your stance on children
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funny tweets from parents answering their kids who ask 'where do babies come from | thumbnail text - Amanda Marcotte | Mediocre Mommy ... @storiesofamom Toddler: "Babies come from the baby store." Me:

Funniest Answers Parents Gave Their Kids Who Asked 'Where Do Babies Come From'

The birds and the bees talk every parent dreads
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Tweets About Children Who Will Do Anything For A Sweet Treat| thumbnail text - Richard Dean @dad_on_my_feet I'm not saying my 4yo is an optimist, but while putting groceries away he held up a bag of cookies and said "I'll just keep these in my room, ok?" 5:15 PM · 11/23/20 · Twitter for iPhone 189 Retweets 18 Quote Tweets 2,041 Likes

Tweets About Children Who Will Do Anything For A Sweet Treat

Wouldn't we all
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People share the weirdest myths they thought about sex when they were kids | thumbnail Text - ImInJeopardy 6 days ago 2 2 3 2 8 I thought you literally could not have sex before marriage. It couldn't happen. The vagina would reject the penis like water and oil.

People Reveal Weirdest Myths About Sex They Believed As Kids

When sex ed goes wrong
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Instagram, kids, honest, funny, teacher, funny kids, live from snack time, parents | have lot friends with last name Tinder Sophia, 7 years old Wow beautiful if take my glasses off anonymous, 4 years old

Sassy Kid Comebacks Overheard By Teachers And Parents

Cutest things adults have overheard kindergartners say
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funny reasons kids threw tantrums | thumbnail includes two pictures of kids throwing tantrums Text - I would not open the string cheese for her. It was a tampon. He doesn't want to go (even though we've repeatedly told him we're not going anywhere)

Kids Throwing Tantrums For Ridiculous Reasons

Inside the minds of toddlers
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Parents document funny reaction from their kids about learning about birds and the bees | thumbnail text - SCOTT WARNER . Just had the & u chat with my 9 yr old son... Here are a few of his quotes: "You and mom are disgusting!" "When did you guys do this?" "I will never do that!" "Did you throw up Dad?" "I don't want kids anymore!" I've never seen a more disgusted child in my life.

Parents Reveal Their Kids Funny Reactions To Learning About How Babies Are Made

The conversation every parent dreads
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smartass kids who outsmarted the adults in the room | thumbnail text - Megan @megan_coe She looks so sweet but today a woman asked her what her name was and she replied "Buttcrack" sO. I told my nephew, he could eat half my grapes. TTT TechnicallyTheTruth by mnsingh367 个5@ 86% O 3m

Smartass Kids Who Outsmarted The Adults In The Room

Ouch, right in the gut
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funny notes parents received from their kids' teachers - thumbnail includes two pictures of notes from teachers | Grammar compound Math write 10 compound Words Signature Terry wrote shithead his compound as one words | Auguot 16,2017 Math today During having hard time following along asked him why he wasn't doing his math Max responded well Im just too good looking talked over and he has now agreed even good looking, people need Know math Ne is such hoot hope his self confidence stays with him

Funny, Wholesome Notes Parents Received From Their Kids' Teachers

Not the type of notes parents want to get
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funny video of mom sterilizing all baby bottles and baby eating dirt anyway

Motherhood 101: Kids Will Put Anything In Their Mouths

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kids describe their parents jobs in funny twitter thread | thumbnail Text - Household Government @LadyBugAssassin My friend's daughter was asked by her teacher what does her mother do for a living. Miss thing said move papers around and talk on the phone. My friend is a judge. 9 11:03 PM Oct 19, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone 14.8K Retweets 678 Quote Tweets 130.5K Likes >

Kids Describing Their Parent's Jobs: Funny Twitter Thread

Kids say the darndest things
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stories from teachers of stupid reasons kids were tattletales | pretzel90210 2.4k points 9 hours ago "He said bad word standing right next him and didn't hear anything Well can read his mind."

Teachers of Reddit Reveal Stupid Reasons Children Were Tattletales

Kids, eh?
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pictures of kids failing at playing hide and seek - cover pic kids hiding with legs sticking out

Kids Who Didn't Quite Understand Hide And Seek

Kids aren't always the smartest
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