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40 memes | Thumbnail includes one meme of Steve Harvey including 'When your parents are making humorously outlandish homophobic/transphobic comments but you remember you financially rely on them' and one meme including 'me trying to find one gay person in my area'

40 Funny, Feisty Memes To Laugh At From Behind The Closet Doors While Studying The Homosexual Agenda

There will be a test later
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30 spicy memes | Thumbnail includes one meme of a woman eating ice cream including '@hotmessbian 吃夜時丰富集 me the idea of my skull being crushed by a beautiful woman's thighs LAFORET 7/27 131 Mon #w LAFORET' and one meme of a man including '

30 Queer Memes For Bedroom Baddies Who Like It Sassy And Spicy

We like it spicy
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36 bisexual memes | Thumbnail includes one meme including 'straight person: are you gay bi person: no straight person: are you straight bi person: no straight person: y=ax +bx+ (x₁, x₂)=-b V=1²² 3 A BE27' and one meme including 'Im bisexual But I hate everyone So more like Byesexual'

36 Bisexual Memes That Make Heteronormativity Run For Cover

Why have one gender when you can have them all?
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34 lesbian memes | Thumbnail includes one meme of a woman holding on to metal bars including 'THE FLOOR IS MEN' and one meme of a finger and a piece of paper including 'A list of the men that could turn me straight'

34 Lesbian Memes That Moved In Together After The First Date

Putting the L in LGBTQ+
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36 sassy memes | Thumbnail includes one meme including 'My resume watching me put: "Hardworking and motivated" on it' and one meme including '[Doctor checking my throat] Me: Aghhhh Doctor: We both know you can open wider than that @TwunkTheTwink'

A Sassy Storm of 36 Memes with a 100% Chance Of Shade In the Forecast

*sips tea*
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30 LGBTQIA memes | Thumbnail includes one meme including 'for those of you that don't know, i'm not accepted by my parents for being gay. i have struggled for five years with them and decided this year to cut off contact. this is my first christmas not with them and this is how sarahs (my fiancée) dad tagged my gift » Kate To From DAD' and one meme of a trash can including 'it's so nice to be represented ACAUTION i GARBAGE NAME'

A Heartwarming Helping Of Hilarious LGBTQ+ Memes For Wholesome Heroes Who Believe That Gender Is A Social Construct

Wholesome, hilarious, and inclusive - what more could you want?
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33 lesbian memes | Thumbnail includes one meme including '*guy approaches me* FUNNYLESBIANS the exit is that way' and one meme of two lesbians including 'lesbians saying goodbye at the end of their 60 hour first date'

33 Funny Lesbian Memes That Are Already Packed In The Back Of The Subaru

Two weeks in and they're already engaged
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36 gay memes | Thumbnail includes one meme of a skeleton including 'twinks be like "you like my juicy bubble butt daddy?" 592' and one meme of a woman holding a camcorder including 'Gays: "It's disgusting how straight men objectify women" *HOT GUY WALKS BY* Gays:'

36 Gag-Worthy Gay Memes That Are Brown Cow Stunning

Soak it all up, America! It's time for some homosexual nonsense to make us giggle like schoolgirls and confuse all the straights, all in one conveniently large package of memes . How else can we get through a tough week without some memes that only us queers will understand? We live in a heterosexual world, and sometimes you just need to kick off your shoes and put on your pumps for a while to feel like yourself again. Don't worry sis, we got you. We've got a gaggle of gay memes ready to go whe…
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31 screenshots from Grindr | Thumbnail includes one screenshot including 'Position 08:31 ( You are getting sleepy... you're a tup now 10:19 @ Twunk The Twink Bttm 09:45' and one screenshot including 'How's it going 4:01 PM It's goin ok. Just watchin the chiefs game. You? Mat, we're on grindr and I follow you on Twitter. You can drop the hetero act 4:03 PM 4:02 PM'

Grindr Gems: A Hole New World Of Hilarity In 30 Sassy Screenshots

A hole new world
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34 gay memes | Thumbnail includes one meme of a supermarket including 'I'm not a trophy wife I'm a DELICATE FARM BOTTOM OF DISPLAY' and one meme of a bus including 'When you have no gays on your marketing team Manchesten 00000000 Bussy the Vampire Slayer 54268 8 YY65 VXK 00000000 mec com y bus travel'

A Gaggle Of Gay Memes & Tweets For Iced Coffee Queens Who Serve Sass On The Daily

Sipping iced coffee and spilling the tea
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