fuck boy


Women Share How They Got Sweet Revenge On A F*ckboy

Ahhh the notorious f*ck boy. A f*ck boy is someone who does whatever they want whenever they want and don't care who they screw over while doing it. They lead girls on to believe that they are special and they really care about you then they turn into horny douchebags that do whatever they can to get laid. F*ck boys are shallow dickheads. The worst part is, they can smell when you are moving on, then swoop RIGHT back in and try, yet again, to make you think they actually give a f*ck about you. Spoiler alert: They don't, and they never will. We teamed up with dating blog The Single Society to bring you the stories of six women who got sweet revenge on the f*ck boy in their lives. 

women reveal how they got sweet revenge on a f*ck boy | thumbnail text - you up? Yes, up to here with your bullsh*t. Good Day Sir.
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