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dick appointment tweets | thumbnail text -  bellyb @corpsefucker421 ... gonna make an app where u can rate dude's dick down game like yelp. rate the dick appointment out of 5 stars, let others know if it was worth your time or not 2:55 PM · Jul 19, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

Women Tweet About The Triumphs And Defeats Of Hookup Appointments

Hookups aren't always a good time
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Twitter users share the wildest messages they have received on dating apps | thumbnail text - did you wear that suit to a funeral? i like funerals nope, actually, it was for a business presentation. why do you like funerals Sent they turn me on just like you in that suit

People Reveal The Wildest Messages They Ever Received On Dating Apps

Digital love is in the air
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Reddit thread about signs a guy wants to sleep with you | thumbnail text - anishinaabemay · 46m When he explicitly says it. Otherwise idk sh!t. I can't pick up on stuff especially since I have friends who flirt with me more than the damn guys who supposedly "like" me Imao

Telltale Signs Your Guy Friend Wants To Date (Or Sleep With) You

Take notes, ladies
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Funny reddit thread about best walks of shame | thumbnail text - Posted by u/[deleted] 8 years ago Hey Reddit what was your worst walk of shame?

People Disclose Their Most Iconic Walks Of Shame

More like stride of pride
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Funny tweets about d*ck appointments | thumbnail text - Han ... @heyoldsport I would highly recommend dating men who are 30 or older.. I got my laundry done for free during the dick appointment and it felt better than it probably should have 12:36 AM · Apr 18, 2021 · Twitter for Android

Women Are Probably Booking More D*ck Appointments Than Doc Appointments

Sliding into every dude's DMs
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