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Men Complain About Being 'Friend-Zoned' And Got Roasted

Being friend-zoned isn't something anyone takes well. I mean, it's rejection, so it makes sense, but, as one person put it, "Imagine thinking that being friend-zoned is worse than finding out someone you thought valued you as a whole person just wanted to f*ck you." When you put it like that, complaining about being friend-zoned seems a little ridiculous. On that note, here's a list of tweets and posts that elaborate on just how ludicrous of a concept it is, and how people need to stop using that term.

Guys get roasted for complaining about being friend-zoned | thumbnail includes two tweets Text - millennial of manila @MillennialOfMNL when people complain about being in the "friendzone" this is what they actually mean am a good person and I demand you take my penis
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