Instagram influencer tries and fails to get free food at michelin star restaurant | As an owner have morals and integrities have follow return investment offer" is simply far too low cannot get free food just by being an online influencer | answer 05:45 AM racist term demand answer 06:45 AM

Influencer Tries And Fails To Get Free Food At A Michelin Star Restaurant

The entitled Karen's of Instagram
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pictures of woman overwhelmed with the free carpet samples she ordered on amazon | cat sitting on a tall pile of folded fabrics

Woman Overwhelmed After “Hacking” Amazon, By Ordering Loads Of Free Carpet Samples

That's one way to spend lockdown
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kind stranger askreddit nothing in return free | w1256414 738 points 14 hours ago 18 and living away home first time UK, moved Canada couldn't afford much so walked two miles through snow buy bedding discount shop and having miserable day woman front cashier queue put $50 on store voucher card, handed and walked away before had chance react middle tough day really made difference. Definitely most memorable random act kindness ever experienced.

Kindest Things Strangers Have Done For Nothing In Return

A small act of kindness goes a long way
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