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Japanese Mom Creates Works Of Art In Food For Her Kids

Some kids will eat anything and everything. And by some, I mean basically none. Any parent will attest to the fact that kids can be a nightmare when it comes to eating; most are incredibly picky and limit themselves to one or two things — usually chicken nuggets and chips, and nothing with any nutritional value. Mealtimes become a battle, usually ending up with kids going on hunger strikes and parents inevitably giving in and admitting defeat. One Japenese mom decided to combat this issue by turning her picky daughter's food into animated works of art to get her to eat healthily. Whether it's eggs in the shape of Winnie the Pooh or sushi snowmen, we're sure her daughter scoffs her mother's food down pretty quickly. Check out her incredible talent below.

incredibly talented Japanese mom creates works of art in kid's food - thumbnail includes two pics of food
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