Times People's Customer Service Reps Flirted With Them

There's nothing more frustrating than speaking to an incompetent customer support rep when you need help fixing a problem. Whether you're trying to fix your phone, set up your TV, or track a package, you expect professionalism, prompt replies, and efficiency. One thing you do not expect is for them to start flirting with you. It might be rare, but it happens more than you'd think. Roxana, a Twitter user, shared screenshots of her Amazon customer service rep who sent her some somewhat questionable messages on their chat, and fellow Twitter users jumped at the chance to share their similar experiences. It turns out; there's a fine line between friendly customer support and inappropriate flirting - a very, very fine line.

people share screenshots of customer service reps flirting with them on Twitter | O p r lme Thank you :) You are very sweet and I must say you have a very lovely name Its okay! Have you found anything on the parcel sorry im kind of in a rush roxana Rup eSh I Custom" Service Good news is that Seller will contact you within 24 hours with an update and order should be delivered to you On priority. rite a message.. Not the amazon customer service guy legit flirting with me LOOOOL orie Send Do
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