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'Karen' Dishes Out Entitled Advice To Mom Who Demands Her Kids Sleep On Airplane Isle Floor

If things haven't been going your way lately, it's time to have a chat with Cheezcake's resident Karen! She knows exactly what to say to every manager across the globe in order to get what she wants. But her skill set isn't just limited to managing managers. She's capable of managing the whole damn country. Because she's a generous good Samaritan, she's bestowing her tips upon you for living your best life on a weekly basis! Scroll down for this week's top-notch tips.

Want your question answered by Karen? Email dearkaren.cheezcake@gmail.com

Karen dishes out entitled advice to woman who demands her kids sleep on airplane aisle floor | thumbnail text - Dear Karen, an advice column guaranteeing the privilege you're entitled to on a weekly basis
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