Woman Unnecessarily Flashed Tattoo Artist, Inspires Others To Reveal Similar Mistakes

Life is full of awkward moments that make us wish the ground would swallow us up. We've all had them, and the reality is, we'll probably have more. But my philosophy is that you may as well laugh at your misfortunes, because how else do you recover from them? Writer Sarah Schauer has done just that. Her tweet about the time she mistakingly flashed her tattoo artist has inspired others to share their equally awkward stories of times they flashed various professionals. These accounts of people revealing a little too much flesh to their tattoo artists and doctors will make you cringe on their behalf and probably remind you of your own embarrassments, which will make you cringe some more. Or, one woman so eloquently worded it in her Tweet below, "I would have rather just passed away."

stories of people flashing professionals by mistake - cover pic tweet about woman who unnecessarily took off pants and underwear when getting hip tattoo | sarah schauer @sarahschauer having bad flashback time got my hip tattoo and took off my pants and underwear and tattoo artist said absolutely did not need
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