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'Truth Or Dare' Experiences Which Prove Teenagers Shouldn't Be Left Alone

People who willingly engage in a game of 'Truth or Dare' are asking for trouble. But what can we do? T or D is a core part of our development. I don't even think they let you graduate middle school until you have severely embarrassed yourself in front of your crush in a game of 'Truth or Dare,' or 'Spin The Bottle,' or at least '7 Minutes in Heaven' — thought maybe that last one is a little outdated.

Anywho... people are sharing their best and worst 'Truth or Dare' experiences on Reddit, and boy does it get juicy!

'Truth Or Dare' Experiences Which Prove Children Shouldn't Be Left Alone| thumbnail text - EasilyLuredWithCandy · 1h Played at a boy-girl birthday party in high school. A cute guy was dared to kiss me and instead shook my hand. Thanks for the hit to my self- esteem, Matt. Reply 4 87 ...
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