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twitter thread about woman who went on 55 dates in 70 days | thumbnail text -  Genya Coulter @Election Babe Replying michelletandler don't think been on 55 dates my entire life. 5:37 AM May 17, 2022. Twitter iPhone

Twitter Freaks Out Over Woman Who Went On 55 Dates In 70 Days

We don't know where she finds the emotional capacity
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nice girls post | thumbnail text - If want do stuff evening automatically associate with people who just want hook up rather start afternoon and let 17:49 extend into evening. Okay understand completely. However giving time day coincides with my free time can't leave my work middle shift, especially if running money game. 18:23

Woman Accuses Tinder Date Of Talking To Other Women Because He Can't Hang Out With Her During Work Hours

This women is a lot to deal with
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first dates that gave women immediate icks | thumbnail text - Using my loo and doing most stinkiest smelling my whole house out. Then after he done tried coming cuddles whilst he all sweaty and his 30 min shit fest

Women Reveal First Dates That Were Walking Icks

They all gave us the immediate ick
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twitter thread about unfiltered dating takes | thumbnail text-  Nutrition coach OlaFatLoss Replying aChildOf2Worlds Most women don't know 's their job keep man committed relationship fails s because didn't do job right. 11:40 PM Apr 8, 2022 Twitter iPhone

People Tweet Their Most 'Cancellable' Dating Takes (Twitter Thread)

An opportunity to tweet our true dating thoughts
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reddit dating post | thumbnail text - r/dating Posted by u/ImportantComposer3 83 16 hours ago Awful first date wrong walking out?)

Woman Ditches Date After He Catfished And Diminished Her Accomplishments

Time to book out of there
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askwomen post about dealbreakers in dating | thumbnail text - SouthWestWicked 6 hr. ago Ghosting, and then coming back (zombie- ing).

Women Reveal Top Dating Dealbreakers

Men with anger issues need to chill out before dating
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the perks of serial dating | thumbnail text - i prefer a man who lives and gives expensive jewelry

Why More Is Better: The Fun Perks Of Dating Several Men At Once

To all the men I've dated at the same time, thank you for the opportunity
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worst first dates | thumbnail text - Amos_Moses83 · 17h Went to meet a guy for the first time at his house. There was a pile of toenail clippings on his coffee table. And it wasn't one recent clipping. It was like, many clippings. Out the door I went.

Worst First Dates People Have Walked Out Of

We're out of here
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askmen thread | thmbnail text -h 5h She takes her place and play video games and order pizza.

Men Reveal Their Ideal First Dates

Dating can be magical if it's with the right person
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Worst things said to men on first dates | thumbnail text - SaigonNoseBiter · 7h She said the words 'my ex' 37 times. Yes, I counted.

The Worst Things Women Have Said To Men On Dates

Major red flags
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twitter thread about unhinged man who cursed out woman because he didn't want to pay for her on a date | thumbnail text -  it me, dani (and i'm back) @melaninbarbie I asked for a date and this man sends some of the most wild shit I ever seen in my life. Calling me a bitch for what????? Are CIS MEN OK?????

Unhinged Man Curses Out Woman Who Asked Him To Take Her Out On A Date (Twitter Thread)

Dating has gotten so scary lately
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should men pay on the first date | thumbnail text - ThusBeName · 6h I've just been on a date where the girl paid for our drinks. It was awkward for me. I thought to myself "wait, I should be doing this, why does she insist?". But I forgot about it by the time we sat down, so I guess no biggie.

What Men Think About Women Paying On Dates

The new generation
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people reveal their worst dates ever | thumbnail text - "Tried to take a girl to a bar who I met online. She insisted we just meet at her house. When I got there I saw her ankle monitor. She was on house arrest."

People Reveal Their Worst Dates Ever

Awkward dating stories bringing all the cringe
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