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7 Cool Money-Making Careers So We No Longer Have To Depend On Finance Bros

For all the independent women
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aita post | thumbnail text - r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/larry_theaccountant 13 hours ago AITA for not putting my boyfriend's name on the mortgage?

Controlling Boyfriend Refuses To Pay His Girlfriend Rent Because She Won't Put His Name On The Mortgage

Money is always awkward
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9 Signs You’re the Financially Responsible Friend

Tip top financial shape
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finance bros you'll meet on tinder | thumbnail text - rich broke unapologetically average

Six Finance Bros You'll Meet On Tinder

Swipe right for the next finance bro
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7 Money Movies Ranked To Keep Us On Our Financially Savvy Toes

Let's binge some finance films
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celeb money pitfalls to avoid | thumbnail text - TEQUILA, ANYONE TEQUILA ?

Avoid These 5 Celebrity Money Pitfalls

We seem to live in a world where the rich just keep getting richer and the rest of us are left behind to hustle 2, 3, 15 side jobs just to make ends meet. Well, I’m here to air out the dirty laundry (or laundered money, if you get my drift) on some of our beloved—and some not so beloved—celebrities. Whether you’re here purely for the entertainment aspect, or you really want to learn how not to take the same missteps, you’ve come to the right place.
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ten financial tips for the new year | thumbnail text - 2022 = mo money

10 Do's and Don’ts To Avoid Going Broke This Year

Finance friends to the rescue
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7 Ways To Finally Achieve Financial Freedom In Honor Of The New Year

Financial independence is one of those things we strive to achieve. Whether you take every Suze Orman word as gospel or are a devoted Elon Musk wannabe, chances are you’ve wanted fiscal freedom since turning eighteen. Well, here are seven ways to not only achieve that, but to thrive while doing so.
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aita family drama | thumbnail text - r/AmItheAsshole · Posted by u/madabbouttt 8 hours ago 2 AITA for telling my sister her bad choice to have a kid with a deadbeat dad isn't my fault? I (25m) don't think what i said is bad but who knows maybe I'm wrong. My sister (26f) met her bf "D" 2 years ago. He's also 26 and lemme just say dude is a loser. He has 5 kids with 2 other women he doesn't see and since we've known him he's been between jobs. My parents don't like him because my stepdad loaned hi

Woman Intentionally Has Baby With Deadbeat Dad, Fumes Over Brother Not Backing Baby Financially

Oh baby
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Delusional Man Get's Called Out For Constantly Lying About His 'Financial Successes' | thumbnail text - Posted by u/TAwolfofwhat 13 hours ago 2 4 3 8 3 AITA for reminding my husband's friend that I make 3 times his salary

Delusional Man Gets Called Out After Constantly Lying About His 'Financial Success'

Careful what you lie about
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Things That Scream 'I Make Poor Financial Decisions'

All about the dollar bills, baby
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