Funny Tweets About Ways Couples Get Revenge During Fights

We all know that one crazy couple that takes things way out of hand in front of single innocent bystanders who have no idea how to respond. Relationships can be intense, and some couples can take it way too far. As the wise Taylor Swift once sang, "it'll leave you breathless, or with a nasty scar." People have taken to Twitter to share how far couples have gone in getting revenge, and of course, it's hilarious. Scroll down for some top-notch couple revenge tweets. 

funny tweets about petty ways couples get revenge during fights | thumbnail text - URSULA ... @3sunzzz My husband pissed me off so when he wasn't looking I poured water on the floor in front of the dishwasher. He's been fixing it for the past 2 hours. 4:09 PM · Oct 12, 2019 · Twitter for Android 3,615 Retweets 461 Quote Tweets 23.8K Likes
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