Guys All Women Encounter At Music Festivals

If there's one thing I miss about the pre-Rona era, it's the legendary music festival. There's nothing I love more than paying a questionable amount to become an integral part of a mass of pulsating, sweaty bodies for several hours - or even several days. I mean, social distancing has nothing on that type of life-changing experience.

Of course, the men I met there also left a mark on my generally pure, unblemished life. Cheezcake ladies - here's the best of the guys you'll meet at music festivals.

guys all women meet at music festivals | thumbnail includes picture of man at music festival Text - The Annoyingly Tall Guy Instead of carelessly immersing your entire being into the music, you’re too busy being irritated by his obnoxiously lanky body blocking your entire field of vision. Like, it should be illegal to be this tall. However, you’ll still hook up with him once he notices your tiny presence.
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