People Confess 'Most Feral Thing' They Did Over Past Six Months, Funny Twitter Thread

The past six months have been extremely tough on everyone, whether you've been stuck at home or not. But for those who haven't left the house much, it's easy to fall into some unhealthy living standards when you don't need to get up for work. From staying in your pajamas all day to not using cutlery anymore, people are slowly regressing into infant, feral-like habits. Podcaster and comic book artist @drewtoothpaste asked Twitter to "tell me the most feral thing you have done in the past six months of virus" after admitting that he ate a bag of frozen french fries for dinner. As usual, the responses didn't disappoint, and people began admitting all the gross habits they've picked up during the quarantine period. What are your feral practices?

funny tweets about feral things people have been doing during quarantine | Text - KDramasNSilents @KDramasNSilents Replying to @drewtoothpaste Ate an entire diced raw cabbage out if a bowl cuz i got tired partway through prep and didn't want to cook anymore. And then I did it again with the cabbage i bought to replace that cabbage.
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