People Reveal The Secrets To Achieving The Perfect Balance In Relationships

We've all experienced the struggles of singledom, but how are you supposed to handle actually being in a relationship? You now have to take another person's well-being into account and have to tone down the selfish side that was more prevalent when you were single. Relationships aren't one-sided. You have to give and take equally. Twitter has turned the idea that "a relationship should be 50/50" into a hilarious trend, offering their own advice for what a relationship needs in order for the two parties to meet in the middle. Scroll down for the best advice about maintaining an equal balance in your own relationship. 

Funny tweets about the perfect relationship | thumbnail text - desert ro ... @desertvoidro relationships should be 50/50 50% he points out a dog to me 50% i wave at the dog 3:43 AM · Apr 15, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone
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